Predictions of Transitions in the Retail Trends in ...

The retail industry has took a fast pace in the year 2016. The innovative and smart ideas have given way to higher expectations and preferences of the consumers. The reputed online and co [...]


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Predictions of Transitions in the Retail Trends in 2017

The retail industry has took a fast pace in the year 2016. The innovative and smart ideas have given way to higher expectations and preferences of the consumers. The reputed online and counter retailers struggled hard to remain competitive and consistent through the year. We are hoping to see the same expansion of retail industry in the coming year as observed in 2016. The increasing consumer needs and demands are motivating retailers to bring up new ways for easy shopping trends with better services in 2017. Let us consider some predictions of the retail industry expansion in the upcoming year.

  • Amazon – Now shop with Alexa:

    Today, Amazon has become one of the leading online retail centres with its growing demand and popularity. A big thanks to its competitive rates, outstanding customer assistance, dependable feedbacks and user reviews, 24/7 customer helpline, the efficient Prime options, etc. Wait, there is much more to come up next year. Soon, Amazon will be featuring a "Just Ask" facility on Echo (Alexa) to offer effortless shopping to the customers. It knows everything about the customer, information like, purchase history, payment preferences, delivery address and shipping. The consequences of the outstanding combinations will be definitely experienced by each of the brands and retailers.

  • Continued stagnation of Brick Mortar:

    The retail stores, that is brick & mortar businesses will continue being stagnate, of course due to prevailing online shopping trends. To their sigh of relief, still there are people who want to try their hands on the items to be bought. Thus, retail stores are relevant even in today’s digital world. Another proof is the regular Google searches for “locations near me”, it shows that people are interested to see, feel, and touch before they purchase.

  • Evolution of the mall:

    In the modern society, a consumer always prefers convenience to small benefits. To elaborate, we want to have everything brought together at one place. This will enable consumers to have a one stop destination for shopping. Keeping it as a priority, the mall is being developed to another level that reaches our preferences and expectations. Now, the multi-purpose centre will exhibit everything, starting from fashion accessories, clothing, household items, food to grocery stores, hair salons and real estate. In addition to this, the new mall will also cover schools, libraries, restaurants, movie theatres, commercial offices, and even residential apartments. You can have everything you need to live at one single place.

  • Track location of your delivery with GPS:

    Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry and in this fast-pacing world, who wants to wait? Consumers prefer pinpoint technologies that target the exact location of their deliveries. Although many online retailers offer the facility, many are yet to achieve it with new investments. In the coming time, Domino's will initiate the trend of “pizza tracker” that will locate your pizza instantly with GPS. Like Ola and Uber, you can now track your pizza delivery, whether it is into the oven for baking or right there at your doorstep. You can no longer convince your consumer by saying that the purchased item is "on the way". It is high time that better technologies are embraced for improved business.

  • Social networking sites expand their services:

    In the recent times, people are trying selling out and buying things on social networks like Facebook. As a result Facebook has come up with another interesting feature turning into an eCommerce retailer - "Facebook Marketplace". Here, you can buy or sell items in your personal circle. It is an easy way to purchase items at competitive rates without any hassle.

With the changing times, retail industry will also go another round of transformation embracing new trends in 2017. Hopefully, we gain better customer service and shop effortlessly.


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