6 Eco Friendly Measures to Boost Positive Cash Flow...

As an experienced businessman or woman, you are accustomed to money flowing into and out of your business or project. In simple words, this movement is called cash flow. This occurs from [...]


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6 Eco Friendly Measures to Boost Positive Cash Flow in Businesses

As an experienced businessman or woman, you are accustomed to money flowing into and out of your business or project. In simple words, this movement is called cash flow. This occurs from normal, day-to-day procedures like investing, operating and conducting various financial activities. Cash flow in any business is measured during a given, finite time period.

Cash flow – positive and negative: Every business needs hard cash to run. Without hard cash it is difficult for any business to meet expenses like rent. It also helps meet all other daily operating costs, under sundry category. Cash flow can either be positive or negative. Businesses prefer positive cash flow than the negative one, as it helps smoothly running of a business.

Positive cash flow for higher profit: Simply by improving positive cash flow, you can boost your profit margin. But, at the same time, it is important to ensure the effort should not ruin the existing environment in the office. Thus, improving positive cash flow is definitely a tricky job for any business.

These days, accomplished business consultants are stressing on using various eco-friendly products at the offices to improve positive cash flow. Using eco-friendly products will also cater to the environmental aspect, reducing wastage and pollution. Here are some tried and tested tips from consultant experts on how to improve positive cash flow in your commercial establishment.

  1. Get rid of conventional incandescent bulbs and install luminescent products or LED lights: Ordinary incandescent bulbs consume lot of electricity, as compared to their luminescent alternatives. Thus, installing LED lights all over your office space will help making greater savings on a long-term basis. However, LED lights are more expensive and thus, initially you will have to invest a substantial sum of money on their purchase. On the other hand, statistics confirm these modern lights are highly energy-efficient and save upto 60% of power consumption in contrast to the traditional ones. From business aspect, this frees up cashflow, catering to both short-term and long-term benefits.

  2. Scrap paper recycling: While getting printouts from your office printer, it is normal that a lot of paper get wasted because of various reasons, like smudged printing and paper jams. Instead of throwing away these wasted sheets, you should recycle them. Make sure to get printouts on both sides of sheets. Most importantly, try to have a paperless office to help save the environment.

  3. Tie up with an ink cartridge recycler: Ink cartridges are widely used in landfill. This snowballs to a major environmental issue, as used cartridges are harmful for health. Thus, you should tie up with a recycler, so that used ink cartridges get back to the recycle process and come back afresh in the market in course of time.

  4. Get low-flush toilets: Other than drinking water, water consumed in washrooms, cost any company a good amount of money every year. A conventional flush uses about 14 litres of water every time and an employee uses about 72 litres of water a day while in the office. If you install low-flush toilets, it will save consumption of water in washrooms of your office. Actually, these modern toilets are designed to cut down on water usage. These products use only 6 litres of water each time and thus, the average daily water consumption of an employee gets reduced to around 35 litres.

  5. Replaced bottled drinking water with filtered tap water: To ensure health safety of the employees, every business needs to supply fresh drinking water at the workplace. Most offices purchase bottled drinking water and these sums up to a huge amount at the end of every month. It is wiser to install water purifier in your office. Initially, it will require a lump sum amount of money. But, in course of time will help save thousands of rupees every year.

  6. Allow employees to work remotely: Most offices in Europe and the US are allowing their employees to work remotely from their homes. This is a tested approach to stem positive cash flow in business. Even you can try this out with your own workforce. However, you should have proper measures to track their performance and productivity. There are lot of communication software and electronic gadgets to help you on this aspect.

Implement the tips given above for six months at a stretch and then you will see how dramatically cash flow of your business has improved.


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