Expected Design Trends to Improve User Interaction ...

These days, designing tools and the Internet connections have much improved, as compared to the past. This development has helped designers to be more flexible in their work and thus, the [...]


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Expected Design Trends to Improve User Interaction in Future

These days, designing tools and the Internet connections have much improved, as compared to the past. This development has helped designers to be more flexible in their work and thus, they are using newer techniques like animation, videos, custom typography and others to deliver better designing solutions. To put it in different words, the landscape of designing is fast changing on almost every aspect. Mobile-centric concepts and oversized elements are prominent at present.

Both web design and app design trends have evolved over time and these both have mutually contributed to each other's development. According to veterans in the field, UX (user experience) basics will have much influence in setting the trends for both web and app designing in immediate future. Here are some latest trends that are expected to sustain in the coming times.

More focus on video and cinematography

HD (high definition) videos are already the ongoing trend in the designing field. Professionals are more focused on including total cinema-style video clips covering meaningful stories. This is actually a recent development and it did not exist hardly a couple of years ago. Actually, better video compression techniques, improved recording feature in almost every mobile handset and faster Internet connection have combined contributed to the development of this trend.

HD videos prove to be effective only when the streaming is seamless. There is hardly anything to doubt that the Internet speeds will only keep improving in the coming times. Thus, higher resolution design approach is expected to sustain and evolve with the passage of time

Full-screen navigation

Considering the popularity of pop-out menus, it seems full-screen navigation is the most logical evolution for websites in the present times. The best part of this trend is it allows websites design the navigation in a proper well-defined way. While using this trend, however, you have to carefully determine the positions of navigational elements so that users can find them easily. Otherwise, the approach may backfire. Many designers intentionally add some splash of colour or a little animation to capture user’s focus on the (click or tap) action buttons.

Improved and widespread interaction

As compared to the past, users are more willing to engage and interact with websites. Content is the key to facilitate user engagement to your website. It seems obvious that content will remain the ‘king’ on the aspect of user engagement, even in the days to come. As such, it is expected that user engagement will get down to micro-interactions in near future.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is using designs that are seamless. Thus, designing experts are creating games that do not look like games in any way. As a result, the dividing line between gamification and micro-level interactions are steadily disappearing. The best micro-level interaction techniques are concise and simple.

To put it in short, the line differentiating websites and apps is gradually, thinning. An increasing number of designers are using both concepts and elements from mobile apps to build their projects. It is likely that more prominent and larger designs having greater similarity to apps will evolve in the coming years.


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