How To Make Money Through Personal Branding Tactics...

When you start a business as an entrepreneur, it is very necessary to build proper strategy for company's branding. It can be a major factor in the success of the organization. One th [...]


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How To Make Money Through Personal Branding Tactics

When you start a business as an entrepreneur, it is very necessary to build proper strategy for company's branding. It can be a major factor in the success of the organization. One thing for sure that you are the person behind the brand and if people know you and place their trust in you then the chances of accepting your company in a positive way increases. 

In legal language the company and the person behind it is different entities but in marketing, it is not so. Though not explored personal branding can boost your business plan and enhance revenue within a short span of time. It is basically treating you as a brand and generating positive awareness in the masses.

However, like all the processes, creating a self-marketing strategy, is not simple and may even take months and years. So, it is best to build it before you start a company and in case you already own a company, start creating a brand right now. While going through the procedure to ensure that you put all the steps right. Do not expect miracles in this field and be consistent. Patience is the major factor here.

There are blogs where you can post as a guest writer. As search engines have introduced strict guidelines ensure that your content is a high-quality informative one. Choose the topic that interests you and compliments your business. However, there are a number of people who want to be featured in top blogs as guest authors. Create the right impact by following these rules:

• Research well and find out about the bloggers and their subjects of interest. Understand whether they accept guest posts or not

• Read their blogs randomly and in quite a good number, to understand their style of writing and the viewers that visit the site through going through the comments.

• After you get the writing patters s of this blog, create a topic that falls in line with their content and is of interest to you also.

• Send a personalized mail and mention the posts that you have liked the most and mention a few previous posts that you have written. Never forget to insert the URL in both the cases

• Follow-up on a continuous basis and understand the reasons for delay or refusal. Even if it is a no keep on following these blogs and never lose patience.

When you are talking about posting as a guest post in blogs, then take it a level further and start a blog of your own. With free hosting platforms, there can be no excuses regarding the cost factor. Select the name carefully and chose the subjects you want to speak out on. Consider these points for quick reference: 

• Go through the blogs on similar topics to understand the content. Analyze the trending topics in your field.

• Remember that blogs are not meant for personal reference so keep in mind the readers and use simple words and phrases

• Make the writing style interactive and use topics that engage people by providing informative content and a lucid language that initiates a flow for reading
• Create follow-up posts that are based on the demands of the readers

• Interact with the readers and answer their emails and comments. Answer them in a positive tone and take criticism positively.

• Go for how-to posts as they generate consistent traffic and write detailed posts where you substantiate the facts that you state with examples.

• Be the authority and research well before you write. It is not a compulsion to post daily. A good post once a week is sufficient to generate traffic Another digital medium, which can be exploited is the social networking area. Create a profile for them and update and share contents that show you as the authority. Be consistent in your posts and indicate your area of interest by selecting the nature of the content that you want to share. The following steps might help:

• Search and follow people that have the same interests as yours.

• Engage in conversation that are related to your topics and share the posts from the people you follow.

• Be responsive and interact actively in the forums so that you have a positive impression.

• Provide informative tips and strategies by your posts and ensure that they are not too long as some of them have character usage restriction. • Share your blog posts through this medium.

Benevolence is the best marketing. Help people to find solutions in the field you have expertise on. This can be done on a virtual medium as well as in the real world. It is natural to get different queries when you are posting online. Be responsive and think before you solve their queries. This is one thing that might elapse from your mind when you seek the answers to how to build a business. On a larger scale, it can be a part of Corporate Social Responsibility but while you are building a brand for yourself they come in handy. Helping people can open up alternative routes to solve a problem and enhance your knowledge.

Another important thing, which you should consider, is to master the art of public speaking. Attending seminars and delivering lectures can get you the necessary exposure. It is a great way to meet new people. One thing that you should consider is that no one is an expert in the first speech, and improvement happens with practice. Keeping the following things in mind can help:

• Understand what the conference is all about and the demographics of the people who attend it. A crowd of student cannot be addressed the way you will present yourself amongst industry stalwarts. 

• Pick up a single topic and do not show your multi-dimensional talent in one goes. It helps to stay focused.

• Select a biography that goes with the occasion

• Check the content twice and thrice before you go on the stage and prepare the answer for all the possible queries. Collect sufficient facts to validate your point.

• Adopt a personalized style and pitch that can draw attention and diverts the attention to your end.
While you are engaged in creating a niche of your own the entire thing can be a revenue generating proposition. It can start with getting paid for the blogs and guest posts, fees for lecturing in conferences to enhancing the revenue from your company. Personal branding can be regarded as a potent answer to the question of how to make money. While you are engaged in branding keep the following things clear in mind:

• Do not go aggressive on the marketing part, and place references of your company casually in your blogs if need arises. One of the best way to put them is to link the website to your bio in the guest posts

• Do not post exclusively for the promotion and put information at the top priority while you are writing a post

• Refrain from hard selling and push selling as it may harm your image
Personal branding is something that can earn you goodwill and sustainable revenue. It is a potent tool when used correctly. The trick is to recognize your ability and niche. It is all right to not to be a jack of all trades but compulsory to be the master of one skill.


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