Few SEO Strategies To Be Followed Before Starting D...

Your client enquires what they need to do to boost organic rankings. With proper market research and technical auditing, you deliver your valuable suggestions.

Well, you [...]


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Few SEO Strategies To Be Followed Before Starting Design And Development of Websites

Your client enquires what they need to do to boost organic rankings. With proper market research and technical auditing, you deliver your valuable suggestions.

Well, you need to think of:

1. Redesign your site architecture

2. Check your website thoroughly

3. Reevaluate your business structure

This may take place when SEO is an important factor for your website ranking and improving your business.

This blogpost focuses on the areas that should be addressed with SWOT analysis and price modeling before designing and developing your site.

1. Wider areas and strategic questions associated with it

2. Technical areas to deal with web developers

3. Designing areas to seek help from creative designers

Wider areas and related questions

How can we discuss about our target statement online?

Once you recognize your value proposition, then comes the way how you manage your marketing strategies online. Are you able to understand the problems of your customers? Is your effective solution found in the recent searches? Well, your value proposition might not have several searches, yet it is important to build brand recognition with the right answer to clients' queries.

Now, there arises another question, "How much these search terms are relevant in competition?" The space is actually very competitive and you should find alternatives or long-tailed keywords for your answers.

How do we know our client segments?

You need to understand about the present growing market. Are you gaining or losing your potential clients? It is actually very important to:

A. Know about the needs, roles, demographics and motivations of your customers.

B.The way customers react both online and offline.

This will enable you to build site architecture that customers should go through before accomplishing their objectives. There is a framework that helps you write unique and engaging content by mapping the targeted keywords. The method should be performed before building website to help webpages that should have specific keywords for them.

Who are your online competitors?

You should know your competitors in the digital world which will enable you to take decisions for improving aspects like user experience, site architecture and outreach visitors. For this, you need to categorize them in three sections:

Know your search competitors – It is important to know which competitors rank for your keywords. Though they will be competing with the same search phrases like yours, they may focus on different approaches.

Get to know your business competitors – Your business competitors are the ones who are solving queries of the customers that you plan to do.

Learn about cross-industry competitors – They will help customers in solving their problems, either directly or indirectly. After creating the list of your competitors, evaluate where they stand and how much operational resource is needed to reach there:

What are the performance and size of your competitors?

How does their profile actually look like?

How can you distinguish yourself from them?

How have they created strong brand identity?

Are they creating something unique with site architecture?

Some tools that can help you in this aspect are Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs for analyzing links of competitors and SEMrush to know who is ranking better for the targeted keywords.

Technical areas to prevent migration in future


You need to decide whether to use HTTP or HTTPS. Usually, HTTPs is used since it is considered as one of the important factors for Google ranking. Thus, if you plan to accept payments on your website, HTTPs is needed on the pages.

Canonical version of URLs

The problem of copied content arises when Google accesses the same content through several URLs. Webpages will compete with each other without a clear version.

From developers viewpoint, a webpage is said to be unique when it has a particular ID in the database while it is a matchless identifier for search engines. Developers need to be informed that every content needs to be accessed using one URL only.

Loading speed of website

Web developers have to take up the responsibility and pressure to deliver code within the specified time. This might have a negative impact on page loading speed. Discuss about the important of page speed and invest sometime in optimizing the performance of your website.

Location and language factor

If you are targeting users from several countries, it is important to decide if your website is multi-regional, multi-lingual or both. Copied content, hreflang tag and local keyword research are certain issues faced before building a website.

Separate country-level domains provide you with the benefit of targeting a specific country or language. However, the approach is different as you have necessary resources to write quality content, promote domain name and maintain infrastructure.

Flexible platform

Google updates its algorithms from time to time. Make sure you create flexible platform for any change done on your website.

Design areas for avoiding redesigning in future

Internal linking

Creating effective information architecture is important if you want search engines to find your valuable content for users. If web crawlers are not able to use your content, your site won't rank high. Information architecture is necessary as this enables users to get what they are searching for.

Try to build site structure that has 4 clicks web pages at the most from homepage. This will enable both users and search engines to look for your content in just a few clicks.

With competitor and keyword analysis, you will know which webpages are needed for better ranking. However, pages should be connected in a way that they are user-friendly and easily searchable.

Design SEO friendly content

You should know the type of content (whiteboards or video library) to host. Your content should be mapped out to know what format you should use and the type of functionality it will require. Know the type of content you will create as this will help in designing webpages and creating consistent user interface.

Structured data and machine readability

You might be using several programming languages in the webpages which include Ajax, JavaScript and Flash. These can be difficult for web crawlers to understand at certain times. Though this might provide better user experience, make sure you know about the issues faced by this technical aspect. You need to make up pages with structured data to improve machine readability of your website.

Responsive design

Mobile is becoming essential for accessing the Internet. As such, the need to make websites responsive is in huge demand so that they can be viewed on all types of devices. The objective is to create user friendly website. In this regard, responsive design can help you in creating specific device experience.

In a nutshell, if you are running your own business, you are equally responsible for creating your website and much more. This blogpost discusses the factors to make your website user-friendly for generating more business and profit.


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