Google’s Latest Updates & Recovery Solutions...

Google is the major search engine & many of us prefer only Google to search for anything that we need. So, to be on the race of Search Engine result Pages (SERPs), yo [...]


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Google’s Latest Updates & Recovery Solutions

Google is the major search engine & many of us prefer only Google to search for anything that we need. So, to be on the race of Search Engine result Pages (SERPs), you need to know about all the updates of Google & work accordingly.

In the recent months, there have been some major Google updates every site owner should take necessary actions to be on the 1 st page of Google during or after the updates.

Let me discuss with you all recent algo updates:

The Latest One - Mobile Update:

What's in it: You website should be 100% responsive If your website has a pop-up which hides your entire content, then there is a problem. Is there any hidden content on your webpages? If yes, then it's a big thing to worry.

How to fix it: Make your website 100% responsive. In order to check responsiveness, there are lots of tools available in the market. Use any or few of them to cross-check your website in different screen size.

Next is - Possom Update:

What's in it: Google targeted to filter out lots of businesses because of address being the same as similar category business listing.

How to fix it: If you are listed with same physical address like another similar category business in Google , then change the address by changing the suit name or room name to make it different.

Other things to remember: Physical location of the searcher is more important because Google shows the local map ranking depending on your search location.

Then it is - Google Mobile-First Index

Nowadays, mobile search is rapidly increasing and this has made Google refine its search listings based on mobile version content.

Factors to get visible on mobile search: Mobile site shouldn't have less content than your desktop site. Expandable content like accordions, boxes, contents hidden in tabs will be acceptable if it is done based on user experience. However, this kind of content format is not good for desktop.

Finally, Google Penguin 4.0:

On September 23rd , 2016 Google announced about this update to reduce spam in search results. It means you can only do authentic quality link building. With this update, unauthorized back-links will be penalized.

How to fix:

Choose your back-links wisely so that Google can't treat it as spam.

These are the recent updates we have discussed today. Try to keep the above-discussed points in mind in order to achieve better ranking.


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