Latest Predictions On Local SEO By Google Search En...

The Moz team has taken up the challenge of predicting local search developments for second, third and fourth quarters of 2017. This blogpost focuses in helping local search marketing agen [...]


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Latest Predictions On Local SEO By Google Search Engine Experts

The Moz team has taken up the challenge of predicting local search developments for second, third and fourth quarters of 2017. This blogpost focuses in helping local search marketing agencies and local businesses to be prepared for a breathtaking toll this year.

Unexpected change in local ranking factors

According to Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, local SEO ranking factors will show a major change in search engines. The biggest search engine, Google might accept this move as though it considers quality and authenticity of third parties, they do not force small entrepreneurs to develop unhealthy relationships or know about the services that influence ranking factors. Well, this is not at all a bold prediction and if it does not take place in 2017, it might happen in the coming years.

Feature diversification will develop

Local SEO will find feature diversification which includes - paid and organic search that is gaining popularity in the recent years, as of now. We have already noticed several changes in local search engine ranking factors. Now, Google is testing paid advertisements in local packs, paid home services, trip planning guides and "Discover More Places" map results. By 2017, "local SEO" will signify a wide range of organic and paid opportunities, with their benefits and prices. This will not only denote new opportunities but also various complications in the world of SEO.

Voice search will win over Google and Amazon

There will be various new features in the local pack in the coming years. Voice search will have an important role as it will denote the most important features that Google and Amazon will show in their own search results. Both the companies collect more information about the kind of web searches like – "How long will it take me to get there?" Google and Amazon will assist businesses in answering these questions by providing more opportunities to submit information directly. Thus, Google will have more data directly submitted and searchers will have access on more information about their businesses.

Particular details about local businesses

Britney Muller, the SEO and Content Architect at Moz has said that Google will be providing more accurate information about local businesses from customers. This will enable to get neutral feedback about your business which will provide better user experience to searchers. This is already seen with “Live” features that show if present traffic is under or over certain amount for a specific area. Your exact location, nearby places and other factors will become accessible to searchers in future.

Paid packs will replace free ones in 2017

Google paid packs will replace free packs by the end of 2017 enabling local businesses to pay for different services.

Voice search will increase

Local marketers will give emphasis on voice search optimisation. Much of it will include natural language in the content and tags of sites. This is a positive approach as SEO industry focuses on language over optimisation. Voice search is the most recent update to give a voice to your quality content so that it matches with the voice of your customer when they search for anything.

Attributes growth in Google My Business dashboard

Google facilitates attribute development in Google My Business dashboard as more reviewers find themselves inspired to assign the attributes for local businesses.

Ethical businesses will prosper

Recent studies of the present market will strengthen the perceptive that meeting the needs of customers indicates allocating resources to white hat business practices. Internet has formed a section of people that can view both good and bad brands with just single click of links and take decisions based on the given data. Popular brands will execute SEO practices that protect the market and workers with millennial market share.

Google will always be on top

Google, the biggest search engine, will be on top though Facebook (the most popular social networking site) will provide them the best source of income for money. Apple Maps will turn out to be more common with SEO market. Yelp will create beyond 115 million reviews that they have accomplished. Yelp will be much bigger in 2017 in case you are associated with retail industry or estate market.

Impact of Amazon on local market

The entry of Amazon on local market will result in local businesses become aware of its importance. Some of Amazon's programs such as Amazon Go have gained immense popularity, however local businesses should acquaint themselves with recent developments and know what is applicable for their need.

Thus, local SEO will have a significant impact for searchers in the recent years. The local businesses and agencies will be wise enough to be updated on the recent developments, strategies as per the need.


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