7 Major Misconceptions About Social Media and Conte...

Social media and content marketing are two important pillars behind almost every successful business. Both these tools and approaches help brands to reach out to a larger target base and [...]


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7 Major Misconceptions About Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing are two important pillars behind almost every successful business. Both these tools and approaches help brands to reach out to a larger target base and improve conversion rates. But, unfortunately, there are certain misconceptions or myths that exist involving the two. It is high time to correct those misconceptions and set the record straight.

Misconception #1: Social media is there only to get new customers

According to many experienced professionals, social media is not meant for straightaway customer acquisition. Rather, it is basically to boost loyalty and customer retention. This fact can be further cleared from the trend given below. Over 80% of fans of any commercial brand are either its existing or former customers. These people click the Facebook “Like” button on the posts they like.

Misconception #2: Your customers are not social

According to studies, the majority of Britons including the aged people are active on various social media channels. Moreover, most of the households in the country have satellite TVs and Wi-Fi connections. Even if they are not using social media for business, they are using it to stay connected with their family and friends online. So, it is wrong to not consider them as social.

Misconception #3: It is not possible to measure social

Although there is not any magic button for social media measurement, but it can be easily done. You can do this by using unified customer databases, tracking all URLs and looking at the purchase funnel. Therefore, it is important to remember that social is highly measurable.

Misconception #4: Excessive content is bad as it may spill out your business secrets

This is another major misconception that needs to be corrected. You can work on as much content as you want without worrying about its negative effect. Remember, just knowing the right ingredients never make one a great chef.

Misconception #5: Your content marketing should be focused only on your products and services

A lot of people eagerly believe the concept mentioned above and unfortunately, nothing can be further away from the truth. Remember, all your content is meaningless, if it lacks the underlying value. So, make effort so that your content standout from the rest by giving your audience the food they want. Work on stories related to your business but also make sure that your stories are not just only about your business.

Misconception #6: You need to ignore all negative feedbacks

This is a severe misconception that may prove heavy for you any time. Remember, social media is a spectator sport and it has nothing to do like making unhappy customers happy. Therefore, it is important to reply to every comment or review, both positive and negative, as fast as possible.

Misconception #7: There are different rules for B2B establishments

Although some tactics including the purchase funnel differ in B2B. But, on the whole content is meant for informing and helping target audience while social media is to help and initiate dialogues with brand’s customer base. If any B2B brand thinks it can overlook both the aspects of social and content, it can be in a pool of trouble at one point of time or the other.

It is high time to stop thinking that content marketing and social media are two separate approaches. Social media channels can actually drive your content’s awareness and make your brand more prominent in the process. Actually, social media along with content and email marketing should work closely together to provide businesses the desired results.


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