How To Engage with Social Media in a Limited Time F...

When the matter of social media comes in place, there are two things that come to the mind. One is the amount of time spent, and another is the visibility we get out of it. Statistics sho [...]


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How To Engage with Social Media in a Limited Time Frame

When the matter of social media comes in place, there are two things that come to the mind. One is the amount of time spent, and another is the visibility we get out of it. Statistics shows that the amount of time the population under 35 years of age spends on the social media is above 4 hours a single day. The time decreases as the age increases. Now many think that the amount of time, which one spends on these sites, is directly proportional to the visibility. It is a myth, and they are never true.

When you look at social media managers, they do not drool over the computer screen for the whole day but do the things properly. Theirs is a twelve-point schedule that they follow diligently. While to the eyes of common people it may appear too much of a task but in reality it is all about skillful execution. The trick is to divide these pointers into three groups and focus on them individually:

     1. The first part forms curating, crafting, posting and scheduling that comes under content. With the right collection of information and a user-oriented material, your content encompasses all that provides a good read.

     2. While we are talking about growth factor, then it is not a game of luck but Measuring, analyzing, planning and experimenting goes into it. These tools ensure that your growth is organic and not a forced one.

     3. The world returns the favor that you do to it. The same applies to social media, and the process of community building depends on listening, responding, engaging and helping.

     4. With these twelve pointers divided into three points, you can now focus on the key areas while leaving out the rest. However, there is a shortage of time and frankly taking out four hours from your busy day may put the toll on necessary activities. In case you are wondering how to engage with social media in thirty minutes of time then the solution is not that challenging. Put up a clock in front of you and go for a quick measuring of time.

While you are running out of time and have those thirty minutes in hand then use certain analytics tools that can show, the effect post has made. When you have thirty minutes in hand per day then go break it down into parts, the first on the list is creating content, and the following is the way out for it:

     1. Invest the first five minutes in collecting stories. There are tools that can bring in all the content that you like and the blogs you appreciate. It provides with a list of popular content in the virtual domain. Go through the list and collect the stories that created interest in the readers.

     2. The next fifteen minutes should be essentially reading time. There will be a broad array of material that you have collected for five minutes and now go through it. Be fast while referring these sources and grasp the main content. Going into the minute details that are not compulsory should be avoided when time is of the essence. While you are reading mark the contents that you want to share.

     3. After reading invest ten minutes in creating content. Add pictures and graphics to it and rewrite the standard content. Add the new title and your perspective along with the necessary graphics. Focus on a crisp write-up, that does not take more than ten minutes to create. Once done with that share the same across several mediums.

After you have created content and shared it provide it with sufficient time to grow. Allow it the time to settle in and be visible. There is no need to check the status frequently but a view once a day will be sufficient. On this platform, it's the quality of time more than the quantity of time that you spend counts. The next aspect comes the growth part. Spending thirty minutes over this aspect is all that is required. The following social media tips might come handy in this aspect:

     A. Look at various analyzes of your blogs and the content that you shared. Mark the ones that were most popular and liked by others. Re-share the same over various platforms. The posts that were liked by many have a greater probability of gaining popularity when they are spread across the medium all over again. It can reach out to people who missed it before and increase the number of clicks.

     B. After you are done with sharing your content, go to the trusted source of all the popular content on the web and precisely in your network. Select the best of the lot and give them a quick read. Share them if they are worth it and represent your line of interest. You can have listing software that presents high-quality content.

     C. The last ten minutes is spent in spreading some love over the internet. Check out your notifications in social networking sites and microblogging sites and respond to the comments. Accept invites and share the contents and status messages on this site. Focus on your VIP list, share the content and micro-blogs published by them.

     D. When it comes to responding and sharing many of the active social media enthusiasts shy away from but it is one of the most crucial steps that much neglect. While sharing content is good, your popularity and brand image is enhanced by the fact that how you respond to them. This thirty minute should be all about building relationships and interacting:

     E. The first five minutes should be spent in checking the places where your name or brand name is mentioned. You can go for software that can synchronize all the data for a quick view. Mark them all and especially where your name is taken directly in the conversation.

     F. The next five minutes should be dedicated to checking the notifications on social networking, micro-blogging, and professional networking arena. Respond to them consequently and acknowledge all of them. It may take more than five minutes in case there is a huge amount of notifications but never leave it for the other day and complete all by adjusting the time from the next step.

     G. Invest fifteen minutes of time in responding to the comments and questions. Answer any query about you and the company. Be patient and take criticism positively. Complete the step in the most efficient way possible and be positive in approach, Connect with the VIPs in your list and engage in a conversation with them on a relevant topic.

     H. With all these done there are five more minutes to spare. Use this time to be a free person and comment and share anything that catches your eyes. Like the posts that are not related to your topic. Share the content you found enriching, funny, interesting and engage on a platform that does not concern your work. The benefit will be an increase in your knowledge and relaxation.

The abovetactics, and time bound approach will provide you the most in the least possible time. One of the golden rules of this forum is that you have to engage and share if you want popularity. There should be loyal followers of your blog or brand as they are your best chances of getting the optimum exposure.


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