Social Media Resolutions For A Brand New Year 2015...

New Year comes with hopes and a lot of promises. Improvement from previous trends and practices is what everyone keeps in mind. When talking about social networking sites the adage should [...]


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Social Media Resolutions For A Brand New Year 2015

New Year comes with hopes and a lot of promises. Improvement from previous trends and practices is what everyone keeps in mind. When talking about social networking sites the adage should not change. With time, it has become the world of its own. You have friends here and follow posts that interest you. The question comes down to the point that exactly how much is the limit. While you use this powerful tool for your personal usage, there are certain promises that you need to make yourself for a better virtual and real life balance:

• Limit your time on these sites and set a time band when you will go online. Engage in real-life activities and stay away from mobile in social occasions. The posts and likes can wait, but moments don't stay long. Keep your personal life to minimal. People are not interested to hear out your problems as they already have theirs. Do not go for a minute by minute update of your daily life.

• Choose the contents that interest you. Do not share every other cute picture you see. Set a pattern of topics that you need to share. If you want to spread the word, make it socially relevant and informative. Maintain high-quality standards when it comes to the content part. There is no need to put in something new every day but maintaining quality is of utmost importance.Proofread every content that you post under your name. Make it free from any grammatical errors. A clean content creates the right impression.

• Be creative and choose varying topics to post. Photographs are fine but going overboard with a particular topic can be too taxing on the people. You will not like to see a flood of personal pictures on your home page and neither do others.

• Follow unknown people who share informative posts that interest you. Go through friend list and omit those with whom you did not interact for years. An active interaction should be a combination of mutual admiration in this place.

Apart from personal usage these places are an excellent place to generate awareness for any organization. They are a great tool for branding provided you know how to use it. Creation of a page is just the beginning as there are a lot of procedures. Your social media tips should hover around these criteria:

• Creating a page and promoting your product is probably one of the best mediums to brand your services. However, with the latest changes, creating organic followers has become a bit tough. Invest a bit in paid promotions to get noticed on a larger scale.

• Try out new avenues that have not been explored in the past. Start by working on your personal profile and understand how things work over there. Implement this strategy to your product pages to get better results.

• In case your profile has been lying idle for some time, re-visit and re-vamp it. Change the layout and start a new. Follow people whom you think can provide a positive trend in the number of your followers.

• Though it may sound like scratching each other's back, return favors have their value. Track your followers and follow them back. Like their pages and share their posts. It is a great way to connect. After all, social networking is not just about you but for interacting with others. 

• Create robust goals, for this area. Plan things at the beginning of the year and integrate your marketing strategies. Combine your digital, print, and electronic marketing strategy in such a way that each compliments the other. Plan the context of your blog posts and do not go on impulse.

• There might be a set guideline in case you are using a digital route to market your services but with every passing year, they change. Go through the changes and create guidelines that correspond to the current scenario.

When you start newly with these tools, make sure you sharpen your social analytics skill. Study the trends and schedule your post to get the maximum leverage. While you plan for the year leave a little room for dealing with current topics and trends. Try out new ways and experiment with your content and update patterns. Respond to every message meant for you and go for better access.


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