The Latest Approaches to Promote Your Brand on Snap...

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat has made the biggest IPO with the market analysis of around $24 billion since 2014. Both the investors and marketers are keeping a keen eye on th [...]


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The Latest Approaches to Promote Your Brand on Snapchat

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat has made the biggest IPO with the market analysis of around $24 billion since 2014. Both the investors and marketers are keeping a keen eye on this social media marketing platform.

Report shows, there are 158 million users on an average. Nearly 2.5 billion snaps are sent every day and users check the app at least 18 times daily. Yet, it is a big surprise that marketers are using Snapchat for their social media marketing.

However, this social media platform is not meant for everyone and every brand.

Want to opt for Snapchat marketing to promote your brand? How will you know if it is the right option for your budget? Let us consider some facts that will enable you to take the decision if you should include Snapchat for social marketing.

The cost associated with Snapchat advertisement

When it is about cost, Snapchat has different option for every kind of advertisement. Several factors are considered under price tag and the cost may differ for each campaign.

The traditional Snapchat advertisements work on cost per impression or CPM model with the minimum of $40,000 spend in a month. On the other hand, special advertisement units that include sponsored geofilters function on cost per swipe model which are quite expensive.

Snapchat advertisement in comparison to Facebook or Instagram

Snapchat is actually much more expensive for advertisement than Facebook and Instagram.

Traditional advertisements on Facebook and Instagram work on cost per click with $1-5 budget regularly based on the type of ad. The regular advertisement unit of Snapchat is cost per impression. Usually, Snapchats ads are not found after a few seconds while both Instagram and Facebook ads last for a long time.

Brand types advertised on Snapchat

Mostly, the brands advertised on Snapchat are categorized under B2C. Thus, it can be a brand with informative content such as Daily Mail or Refinery or a business within consumer product goods (CPG).

Other brands such as Gatorade, Dominos, Under Armour and several “super bowl” have already experimented under this social media marketing platform and have found huge success. These brands have chosen some option for advertisement to reach out to more audience and as such, are expensive.

The important thing to consider is that brands advertising on Snapchat are somehow reaching a young demographic and are writing content that will fulfill exact requirement and interest.

So, who is exactly on Snapchat?

Mostly, Snapchat users are within 34 years and they use this app on a daily basis. This social media marketing platform is a good option for the ones who want their brands to reach out to young demographic. However, there are other social networking sites for brands with targeted audience.

How effective is Snapchat for recognizing a brand?

Snapchat is certainly the right platform for recognizing a brand. As per the studies by Milton Brown, there has been an increase in mobile purchase when an advertisement flashes on Snapchat. Most campaigns have found positive result after being advertised on this social media platform.

What kinds of ads are seen on Snapchat?

Snapchat advertisements usually start with 10 seconds video followed by advertisers option to choose from four different elements for continuing the users.

With these attachments, users are usually encouraged to “swipe up” for getting more content. On comparing it with click through rate, it is found that Snapchat has 5 times greater “swipe up rate”.

Check out the attachments discovered on Snapchat’s site and know about them:


  1. The marketers can prepare content with proper texts, images and gifs.
  2. The measurements should include swipe up rate, reach, time and the percentage of article viewed.

App Installation

  • Marketers can support the users for downloading an app from Google Play Store without leaving the platform.
  • Measurement includes the number of installations, swipe-up rate, reach and time view.

Video in long format

  • Businessmen can see full video content that includes tutorials and short films.
  • Measurements include swipe up rate, reach and time viewed.

Website view

  • Business owners may send users pre-loaded and pre-selected mobile web pages on swiping up.
  • Measurement consists of swipe up rate, reach, time viewed and spent on the site.

About sponsored lenses

Sponsored lenses enable users to work together with the advertisement when taking a picture. They are seen with organic lenses and are in use for 24 hours. This ad scheme is used for nationwide campaigns and costs around $300,000 to $750,000 for a day.

According to case studies by Snapchat, Michael Kors has influenced users to try wearing sunglasses while taking a selfie during “National Sunglasses Day.” The number of views for this campaign was around 104 million, on an average.

How sponsored geofilters function

Geofilters are location-based filters used by business owners use for creating an impression on the minds of users. They consist of brand name and material but should include sponsored stamp. This platform provides four kinds of campaigns which are:

  • Event – Businessmen want to engage users for building a connection with their organization during big campaigns or events.
  • Shared spaces – Businessmen want their audience to reach at a place for getting more traffic on social media platform.
  • Chain – Retailers who want to provide social engagement to the users of their locations.
  • National – Marketers want to promote their brand recognition for any product or event.

The working of “on-demand geofilters”

On-demand geofilters are a suitable way for the companies or events that work on a limited budget. They try and influence some growth of Snapchat. Though you will not have similar significance like sponsored geofilters, this is definitely a good option for startups and small businesses. You actually create your design, choose a map where you want geofilter to be seen and in which time period before purchasing it. This is usually done on a daily basis and the price is comparatively low as determined by the size, location and demand of geofence.

Snapchat is the platform for Influencer Marketing

In 2017, Influencer Marketing will be in the trend. The authority of great personalities in different sectors is simply unbelievable and Snapchat is the right channel to be involved in it. Starting from behind the scenes footage to “unboxing” events and takeovers on Snapchat, if influencers have popularity on this social media channel, it will help to improve your brand recognition and thus, sales.

There are advantages and disadvantages of every social media marketing platforms. However, Snapchat is a good opportunity to reach out to targeted users and deliver effective result for the right brand with appropriate budget. It is high time that you consider Smapchat’s advertisement option before executing them into your marketing strategy. This is certainly worth considering with several brands choosing this platform for their online marketing campaign.


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