Fake Phone Charger - Latest Technology News That Sh...

The modest-looking charger that is on the switchboard can look like something that can harm no-one. While it hangs there, you find out that your wireless keyboard requires some charging. [...]


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Fake Phone Charger - Latest Technology News That Should Not Be Missed

The modest-looking charger that is on the switchboard can look like something that can harm no-one. While it hangs there, you find out that your wireless keyboard requires some charging. You plug in and continue working on the keyboard while it charges. The story does not end here; the small charger that is sticking out of the switchboard is much more than a plain device and has hidden motives. It is a spy device that tracks the keys pressed on your keyboard.

The device is named Key Sweeper by its creator Sammy Kamkar. He is the one who created Samy that was an XSS worm that invaded MySpace profiles one after another. It is undoubtedly a must read latest technology news that you should not miss out for your safety.

Before you throw out the wireless keyboard and panic on seeing every other charger stop to consider a few things. As a great relief, the device does not work on all modern keyboards but target some specific ones. The first on the list is Microsoft-branded wireless keyboards. However, the devices that use Bluetooth to connect are safe from the attack. The spyware works for 2.4 GHz keyboards, and they are a model that was available in 2011.

The main issue over here is that keyboards are not changed too often, and it is quite normal to use one purchased a few years back. The older and vulnerable versions are still there in the market so are very much available.

This simple looking little box can read the entries that you make in a keyboard. After it notes the words, it sends them to the person who is spying on you in the form of SMS. In case you are thinking about, not using the device and type with it, then give it a re-think as the device operates even when taken out of the wall socket. It can decipher your content and gauge your password. In case that sounds threatening and a breach of privacy here are some features of Key Sweepers that makes it a potent spy:

     1.The device is an Arduino-based camouflage spyware

     2. They can spy on the keystrokes as the user types

     3. It can detect certain keystrokes that are placed by you. It includes the name of a particular website that you have typed

     4. After identification, it can read into your username and password and send a message over the phone carrying all the details of the person who is spying on you.

     5. Apart from the message, it stores all your keystrokes in your device. These data log can be extracted from the device using an external storage medium like a Universal Serial Bus or USB.

     6. The data can be extracted by placing a second Key Sweeper in a nearby wall socket. The device has to be within the range of the first spyware.

     7. It derives power from the wall socket when it is connected to a charger.

     8. In the event, it is disconnected from the socket, the device switches to its battery mode

     9. While in battery mode, it continues to send messages even when disconnected to the keyboard.

The price range varies from ten to eighty US dollars depending on the specifications the clients want. They use the internet. In case, there is a connectivity issue another device within the range can supply with the relevant information.

One of the most tricking features is the battery mode. When you place it out of a socket, it appears to turn off but in reality goes to a stealth battery mode. There is no respite once the device connects to the keyboard as it sends a code that can track all the strokes after the attachment.

However, the modern keyboards tend to send the entries in an encrypted format that makes it a tough task for the hackers to get into the sensitive details. As a word of caution refrain from using charging ports and boxes that are not yours. Work on your memory and do not forget to bring out your personal devices for charging. In case, you are using 2.4 GHz keyboard be a little more careful before subjecting it to unknown mediums.


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