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These days, the world of the Internet is becoming increasingly insecure for both individuals and organisations. In this circumstance, it is essential for every computer user to have the s [...]


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Enable Security to Your Online Browsing Activities with VPN

These days, the world of the Internet is becoming increasingly insecure for both individuals and organisations. In this circumstance, it is essential for every computer user to have the skills of using a virtual private network or VPN to secure his privacy. A VPN is like a secure tunnel that connects your PC to the websites you visit across the Internet. Suppose, you are in India and your PC is connected to a VPN server, which is located in a foreign nation, say the UK. Thus, your web traffic gets transmitted through this server. So, technically, you are browsing the web from that server’s geographical location and not your computer's physical location.

No more spying on your Internet browsing activities

As you get connected to the VPN server and get into that secure tunnel, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to watch or spy on your Internet-browsing activity. However, your VPN service provider and the web addresses you visit, will always have the advantage of knowing about your browsing activity. A VPN connection can also help you bypassing regional restrictions that are imposed by governments and access music and video-streaming websites. But, this is a tricky affair and you should proceed on this with utmost precaution.

Authentication process with PIN and Password

Usually, large corporate houses, government agencies and even many educational institutions use VPN technology to help their remote users connect to a private network securely. To access the private network as a user, you need to go through an authentication process, using a unique personal identification number or PIN and password. The PIN is your unique authentication code that automatically keeps changing at a particular frequency. There are a number of protocols for the VPN technology to secure transmission of data traffic over the Internet. Some of the widely used protocols include: IP Security (IPSec), Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and others. Each of these protocols varies minimally with each other in keeping your web-browsing data secured from any kind of intervention.

Opera web browser

VPN is a paid service and there are many options with different security levels when it comes to selecting a VPN. But, according to experts, over 90% of VPNs are actually bogus and hopeless on the security aspect. Here is a VPN option for you that is easy to setup, reliable and absolutely free. Opera web browser possesses some of the best security features and is increasingly becoming popular these days. Moreover, it also acts as a free ad blocker, saving you from spying by ads. Installing and configuring Opera hardly takes more than 5 minutes.

In order to browse securely on Opera, all you have to do is:

1. Download the Opera browser from http://www.opera.com/download

2. Turn on the ad blocker from 'Preferences' option

3. Turn on its VPN, again through the 'Preferences' option

4. Install HTTPS everywhere

Opera also allows you to set your VPN to a different country. Thus, if you set your VPN to, say Malaysia, websites will think you’re browsing the net from that country although you may be sitting anywhere else in the world.

Most people avail VPN on a monthly service. Before buying a VPN, it is recommended to make a thorough market survey. To make sure that it is working properly, just visit ipleak.net while using the VPN. On the other hand, there are VPN-enabled routers in the market. It is important to mention here, instead of protecting you from snooping, these are meant to allow large businesses share the same network across their different offices located in different geographical regions.


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