Hurry up!!! Limited Time Offer to Grab Free Apps fo...

Our phones are filled with various apps but some of the best ones are expensive. However, sometimes developers put these paid applications on discounted price or for free for a limited ti [...]


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Hurry up!!! Limited Time Offer to Grab Free Apps for your iPhone

Our phones are filled with various apps but some of the best ones are expensive. However, sometimes developers put these paid applications on discounted price or for free for a limited time. The time frame for these offers is not very long therefore, you have to snatch them when you have the chance.

We have prepared a list of the greatest and latest apps on sale for your iPad and iPhone.


It is a simple app that is easy to use and have good custom exposure of the camera of your iPhone. It provides complete control and quickly adjusts all the parameters of the image. It gives you the complete control of

  • Focus

  • Shutter

  • White Balance

  • Zoom (for iPhone 5 and above)

  • ISO

  • Timer shot

  • Exposure Compensation

With this app you need not have to keep tapping on the screen to get a perfect shot.

Poke map with a Radar Scanner

This app will help you to view all the Pokemon nearby to you that is discovered by other players and you on the map, along the time when they were found. You can use the filter feature to find a specific Pokemon and its location.


It is a useful mobile app that helps you to monitor and keep a track of your health and improve your medical awareness. It has a photo comparison tool that is used for health tracking. This feature of image search makes it much easier to understand about the medical issues.

  • It is a customized tool that provides medical information with images.

  • Medline Plus provides a well indexed access to all the medical reference.

  • It helps to keep a track of the images you find over the Internet.

  • Compare your pictures with medical images that are provided through a trusted source.

  • Pictures can be taken with your phone camera or select from the camera roll or Photo Logger. You can rotate, zoom in or out for better viewing of the image with more transparency. This helps is comparing the two overlapped pictures.

It is a good tool for proactive healthcare and wellness approach. (Keywords: Skin care, health news, medical reference, acne, medical logger, medical search)

True Visage

It is a mirror app that gives a real un-mirrored picture and video apart from the usual mirrored image.


  • Night mode backlights

  • Mirrored and un-mirrored live pictures and videos

  • Build-in flashlight available

  • Both front and back cameras

  • Images saved directly into the camera roll

It helps to stay cute for your profile pictures on Facebook and other social sites. You can check your looks before an important video call on Skype, FaceTime, Facebook and more. Now see yourself through the eyes of other people.

Cleaner Pro

It helps in merging and detecting duplicate contacts in your phone and keep it updated.


  • Find duplicate contacts and merge them

  • Remove unnamed contacts

  • Backup all the contacts with one tap to Google Drive, Dropbox and Email.

  • Quickly search the contact that you need


It the smartest alarm that checks real time and factors like your morning routine to calculate the best bed and wake up time. It recommends nap time and the duration so that you might get proper rest without getting a sleep hangover.

It is paired with a sleep sensor that wakes you up with lights and taps instead of loud and disruptive alarm.

YoWindow Weather

It is a weather app with a living landscape on the screen that reflects the actual weather. Sunrise and sunset takes place at the exact time as in the real life. You can swipe across the screen to see how the weather will change throughout the day. It is a simple app with beautiful scenery and is handy to utilize.


It helps the user to express their emotion through a unique and beautiful way. There are various stickers and emojis available that will help bring out the life in your messages. You can even use this app to find out the origin of the viral pictures, GIFs, funny facial expressions and internet memes.

It will lighten up any text message with life like emojis and various stickers.

Wood Stacker

Planks of wood flying and your job are to stack them up to retain the size of the tower and keep proceeding upwards. The more wood you stack, the higher you rise and so does your score.

It is a fun game that tests your mental ability. It is suitable for both children and adults. So tap your way to ascend higher to the sky and above.

These apps are available for only limited time. So, do not miss out on this opportunity. It might be the last time to get these great apps completely free.


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