Live Japanese Translation with Google Word Lens...

Augmented Reality (AR) made our lives amazing by improving utilization of variant entities via sound, video or graphical input. Word Lens is one such incredible real-time translation app, [...]


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Live Japanese Translation with Google Word Lens

Augmented Reality (AR) made our lives amazing by improving utilization of variant entities via sound, video or graphical input. Word Lens is one such incredible real-time translation app, taken over by Google in the year 2014. Since then, speculations were already in the air that by integrating Word Lens with Google Translate, interpreting large number of languages would be absolutely easy. Well, Google made every desire become true with 52 offline, 103 type-input and 30 camera based language translation.

However, as per the newest revelation made by Google, you can now remarkably benefit from the prompt conversion of Japanese into English, without any data connection.

Why is there so much hype about this most-recent declaration?

1. Japan has been for long, a fascination for many people all over the world for their culture, technology, food, beautiful locations and mangas. As per JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co., the estimated number of people travelling from outside to Japan as of November 2016 turned out be around 1,875,400.

2. Japanese language has its own myriad number of syllables and letters. Unless you are an enthusiast learner, familiarity with few words will not exactly be of much help while you are in Japan.

3. Remember Jennifer from the movie ‘The Grudge’ (2004), where although her husband was very happy about the transfer, she was not exactly enthralled. That was not primarily because of ghostly circumstances that aroused due to the grudge; instead, Jennifer faced what tons of explorers from all over the world actualize, the big barrier of language problem.

4. Unlike many countries, which along with local language facilitate English version names of foods, road signs or station names, Japan majorly highlights the contrary. Most of the products on the supermarket shelves, names of bus stops, street signs or food items on menu, are typically written in Japanese. This is actually quite difficult enough for any foreigner to understand; but, easy for him or her to get completely puzzled-up.

Now That the App Is Here

1. Now, that Word Lens with real-time offline service is around the corner, enjoying local festivals of cherry blossom, matsuri and hanabi is going to be a real pleasure. Not only that, you can easily locate the pachinko parlors and win lots of prizes. As for people giving two thoughts about visiting restaurants, with Words Lens you can quickly spot out names of sushi, tofu, tonkatsu, unagi and tempura instantly.

2. There is no need to click an image, to place input to your mobile device. As per the latest update introduced in the app, you do not even have to capture an image; just placing your phone in front of the object would be enough to get instant translation

Just point your iPhone towards a sign and get a live translation immediately. Not only graphics, even videos can be interpreted using Word Lens. But, when your requirements are more than mere signs or menu, it will be better to use its camera mode for correct translation.


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