The Game of Technology and India in 2016 - How will...

It's New Year with a new beginning for India. The year 2016 took us all topsy-turvy with its new and incredible advancements in the IT world. Well, a lot has passed and many more such [...]


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The Game of Technology and India in 2016 - How will it Frame 2017?

It's New Year with a new beginning for India. The year 2016 took us all topsy-turvy with its new and incredible advancements in the IT world. Well, a lot has passed and many more such modernisation is to come this year. We have overcome many obstacles in the way to success; some of the marked ones are enrolment of Aadhar reaching the 1 billion mark, LinkedIn and True Caller user bases attaining 100 million. Not only this, online shopping hub, Flipkart has achieved high targets in 2016 gaining trust of customers with its quality offers and services.

It would be harsh on our Indian government to overlook the demonetisation drive by the year's end. It has taken a toll over the citizens and gave way to complete digitalisation in the country. Come, let us discuss some of the possible upcoming and interesting developments in the year 2017.

Go digital

Last year, the slogan "Digital India" was initiated by our PM Narendra Modi. It was a great start which came to an end with another important announcement of demonetisation. It was soon after this, banks came upon with Mobile USSD for advanced phones, POS and ATM usage. E-payments began to prevail and the country went "cashless", as intended by the drive.

These events are evident of the growing impact of digitalisation on eCommerce and IT companies in 2017. Easy funds transfer from bank accounts just by the address of the payee has brought a big change in the sector. This is changing and hopefully, will completely unfold this year. Even small businesses are implementing e-payments with PayTM. It has become a full-fledged slogan, "PayTM Karo" articulated by almost everyone. Eventually, we will have this easy and faster mode of payment in the whole country. All thanks to digitalisation!

Aadhar magic

As stated above, Aadhar enrolments have taken a steady uplift and crossed the one billion records in 2016. It is yet another achievement for the Government of India. The new Jio service by Reliance telecom would not have been a successful move without Aadhar. It was only because of the eKYC enabled by the Aadhar link, that customers got the SIM cards in seconds. Yes, just by keying in the Aadhar number and scanning their finger prints, customers moved out with the Jio SIM in less than a minute. In the year 2017, Aadhar will create more magical opportunities for Indian citizens. So, be patient!

Telecom Sector

It has been an exciting ride for the Indian telecom and it continues to be so. The total population of mobile subscribers in the country reached the mark of one billion in the very beginning of 2016. From the records, it shows a high rise from 46 million base phone subscribers in 1995 to a billion subscribers in 2016. Indeed, a remarkable accomplishment in just 20 years! Apart from this, Jio service by Reliance brought another big change in this sector. It has achieved great records of acquiring near about 50 million subscribers in minimum time period. It created highest internet traffic with its exclusive free voice and mobile data facility for 90 days which further got an extension of another three months.

With these advancements, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is looking forward for developing easy ways to monitor network speed. It will be in full transparency and the subscriber can easily monitor the upload and download speed much faster. We hope, this New Year will be fruitful for Indian telecom.

E-commerce businesses turns more lively

E-Commerce took a start with Flipkart and today many more such online business has taken reputed positions in the sector. Amazon, Snapdeal, Infibeam, etc are some of the popular and trusted companies. Last year, Flipkart made another record of achieving a million customers in the year 2016 and is up for more accomplishments this year. Amazon, the globally leading company has hold strong roots in India. It has recently made an investment in Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur and Coimbatore.


India got symbolic investments from large global IT Companies like Apple and Amazon. They have made an announcement of setting up development centres in various Indian cities. Mobile manufacturing companies - Xiaomi, LeEco and Huawei began making cellphones in our country. The CEO of Apple, Oracle, LinkedIN, Uber, Google, and IBM paid a visit to India, which shows their interest in making large investments for further development. Once these investments come into scene, development and growth in our economy is not too far in 2017.

The year 2016 ended with a new theory of improvisation both economically and politically, of course I am talking about the demonetisation drive. This year, we will see the instances of its long-term impact of this move on various sectors. With the spreading positivity among the entrepreneurs, Donald Trump's leadership has turned out to be a disturbing facet for Indian business in America. Well, let us hope for the best to come. Happy New Year!


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